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  Credit where it's due
 With the new season now upon is, may i suggest to any of your readers needing to hire (short or long term) or buy extra vehicles
 that the first phone call they should make is to B.A.S.E. Coach Sales of Leyland.
 I'm sure many of you will have had what happens to be all too often the norm in modern times - dealers that make you feel
 like the most important customer in the world only to be dropped like a lead balloon once your money is in their bank account.
 One example of an experience i had with a "reputable" main dealer was being sold a second-hand vehicle that couldn't be used for
 nearly a month as the paperwork was missing and it was untaxed.  To say we were constantly fobbed off would be an understatement
 (this particular company boasts on its website of its "total customer satisfaction!")  I'm sure many of you have similar or worse tales.
 BASE is part of the Holmeswood Coaches Group and so is run by coach operators who really understand their customers' needs.
 This coupled with their desire to provide "proper old fashioned" customer care, superb back-up service and attention to detail by
 professional experienced staff means i believe you will not find better.
 In case anyone is wondering - I am not and never have been on the payroll and I am not a relative of the Aspinall family, I just believe
 credit should be given where it is due and everyone should be aware of what BASE offers.
 Note to other coach dealers: maybe you could arrange to send some staff along to learn what givng a continued top class service
 to your customers is really all about?
 Yvette Wheeler,
 Kt's Coaches,  
 Kendal, Cumbria